The Purity of the Word

Your Word is Very Pure therefore you servant Loves it! (PS 119:140) Do you know how it goes? You know the tune? After all the Israelite’s sang the Psalms. After 22 stanzas it makes you wonder why most of our hymns are only 4 long. But this song doesn’t get old if truly have the heart like that of the psalmist-your servant loves it. How do we show love for the word? It starts through how we view it. Is it valuable or not so valuable. We will look here at the purity of God’s Word.

The purity of the Word is because it comes from the mouth of God. The scripture is the words of God. As all scripture is God breathed. It is the autobiography of God as opposed to the biography that is revealed in creation. As we understand that God revealed Himself in the scriptures revealing His character, attributes, and works. You look into the Holy Text and find the Person of God and get an understanding of His likes and dislikes. There really no better way to get the truth about someone or something unless you go directly to the source. God has clearly revealed Himself and gives a clear description of who He is in the scripture. He purely describes Himself unashamedly and without equivocation.

The purity of the Word from its truthfulness. Nothing is so poignant as the discovery of your sin in the light of Scripture. It even gives the complete failures of saints of old and God’s grace to them despite their utter failings. You would think that perhaps there would be motivation to lie about things and yet it doesn’t. For God does not lie and in Him is truthfulness. The Scripture is pure and undiluted as it gives the simplicity of gospel.

May we truly have the heart of the Psalmist. Your word is very pure therefore I love it! Let us raise our view of God’s Word as it is pure. The commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.