Friday October 16 2011 Evangelism

Admittedly, I like sharing the gospel on Friday nights with my church. Sometimes there are many and other times it is few. This time I was reminded that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. Pray therefore until the Lord of the harvest that He would send laborers. Though the laborers are few I don’t give up but press on. There reason is that there still might be some.

This past Friday seemed to be a blessed one. It makes me thankful for these times when the other times it is more difficult which is really not that often. So I am praising God for His goodness. For we witnessed between my gospel partner that night to three good long conversations.

The first door was a woman blind whom mostly blind with several children. She hadn’t been to church for sometime but seemed to have a descent gospel. Many people say that come to church for various reasons. This woman’s hurdles was well more legitimate then any I have heard. Her blindness. If no one is willing to come get her then it becomes incredibly difficult to get to church. We encouraged her despite her difficulties that we could pick her up. She seemed genuinely open to that.

The second door was a man with children. Said he went to church but after digging a little more we came to find that he had not been to church in while. He admitted that he was living in sin and toward the end of it was wondering when he would change. We admonished him that today was the day of salvation.

The third and final family was of Hispanic descent. They were Catholic who trusted in the good work. I mostly spoke to the son who could speak English which I think that the mother couldn’t. I then labored to point him to Christ as we went through the law, hell, and the good news. He rejected hell and yet the scripture is clear to say that there is hell. (Revelations 20:11-15, Psalm 7:11-13, Proverbs 15:11, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-10). We encouraged to repent and look unto God.

So why do people reject something from the Bible even though they say they believe it? I think it is because we suppress the truth in righteousness. That unless God moves them to repentance then it is impossible for them to believe.

One great thing that came of our evangelism was a man came out to church. And said he would even come the next week. I praise God for that!