The Soul Winner by Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon is one of my hero’s of the faith. Spurgeon is so marveled by many because of his oratory and consistent preaching that even people who would disagree with him like him today. Pastors have titled him the “Prince of Preacher’s.” So I briefly wanted to point out this book on evangelism. Spurgeon wrote this because he viewed it as one of the most important endeavors. His text comes from Proverbs 11:30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise. The bold is inserted because it is the chief part of the text. Charles Hadden Spurgeon also wrote an auto biography and in it he writes about his personal habit of sharing the gospel both door to door and by track. You could read it C. H. Spurgeon Autobiography: The Early Years, 1834-1859.

I personally like how breaks down this book. He starts off with who is qualified to be a soul winner. Pointing that it is holiness that God uses and not necessarily the most gifted speakers. That God will use not someone who pretends but one who truly strives to honor God. Spurgeon also gives other qualifications that soul winner posses. Again it isn’t necessarily the most gifted person but one who shows sincerity both for the gospel and for the hearer. A person who truly believes what he is saying and deliver it because it is true. That you love people and are genuinely concerned for them. To also show that there is an element of humanity within rather than a more holy than thou attitude. And he also says a seriousness about the subject. If you want someone to take you serious then you treat the gospel with seriousness. I would say that Spurgeon is endeavoring to show us that whom we think God will use may not be whom Godly truly uses.

Finally Spurgeon gives us how to deliver the gospel. Here he tells us about how our message should be in tone. That there should be of interest, with urgency, and as if a friend was to be sent to death and you were pleading with the judge. Yet the actual message isn’t covered until chapter 12. Although I suppose that it is written this way because we should assume that you understand the Bible and salvation enough to tell someone else. Secondly, that his writing was to help his pastors and students to preach the gospel.

If you never have read a sermon or book by Charles Hadden Spurgeon then I would encourage you to pick up a book. His stories and application of Scripture are interesting and thoughtful. I would be worth the read. So I hope you are encouraged to read this book.